Home Sweet Home

There is no denying that my family makes our house our home. Our animated conversations, shared meals, petty disputes, echo sing-alongs, dog walks, shared home work assignments, heated discussions and even the short moments around the kitchen island when we socially engage in our phones and not each other, creates a strong connection and familiar bond that makes us want to kick back on our couch and spend time together. At the same time though, we also feel a strong need for privacy and retreat in our home. We crave time alone and time together because both nurture our relationships that make our home ours.

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What happens if our space doesn’t allow both?

Few of us are blessed with exactly the house or the apartment we need. Regardless, if we live in a fixer upper or a newly renovated place, if a space doesn’t fulfill its purpose it doesn’t work for us and will in time become a source of frustration. The most common problem we face is that we don’t seem to have a big enough space to accommodate our needs. Therefore, it lacks functionality, comfort and desire to utilize it. And we are quick to define what we lack!

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.Ansel Adams